Artwork for the "Vampire Drag Queen" single

“Vampire Drag Queen”

In the fall of 2009, I got the idea of mashing up two popular things: vampires and drag queens. I wrote the song and quickly put together a plan to release it on iTunes and film a fun music video for YouTube. The video and a making of video are below.

Song available on iTunes and more!
CD Baby

Directed by Mark Eugene Garcia

“Vampire Drag Queen”
music & lyrics by John Raymond Barker

John Raymond Barker
Mary Fordeaux
Nkrumah Gatling

Pau Masó

Jason Barker
Molly Moore Lehmann

Jason Barker
TJ D’Angelo
Molly Moore Lehmann
Larry Scheraldi

Produced and Edited by John Raymond Barker
Assistant Director Rodrigo Bolaños
Costume Design Jared R. Pike
Song Mastering Matt Rocker
Special Thanks DeeAnna Smith

Filmed on location in NYC at

The Skin Spa (SoHo)

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